Photovoltaic Mounting Systems

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Ground mounted installations

Montaj sistemimizin birçok avantajı vardır: statik bakımdan optimize edilmiş ve kontrol edilmiştir, yapısı bakımından basit, uygun fiyatlı ve kolay monte edilir. Sistemimiz aynı zamanda, çerçeveli modüller, ince tabaka cam modüller ile yapıştırılmış arka raylı tam boyutlu modüller için uygundur. Böylelikle PUK Solar, DIN 1055 normlar ile Avrupa Tüzük ve Yönetmelikler uyarınca bir, iki veya çok sıralı modüller için statik bakımdan optimize edilmiş bir montaj sistemi sağlamaktadır.

Roof mounted installations

Mounting systems or similar roof constructions that are incorrectly installed can cause unwanted damage to the fragile roof covering. This can cause problems with moisture inside the roof cavity or the building itself. To avoid this situation, our frames are mounted on a highly resistant protective covering. The triangular constructions can be pre-assembled on the ground and simply placed on the covering at optimal spacing.

The beams are connected with special brackets. The longitudinal beams and the wind bracings on the back of the frame provide the required stability. Finally, the modules are mounted directly on the longitudinal beams with the approved clamps. The mounting points on the beam are either pre-drilled or can be freely selected. The choice of mounting always depends on the existing roof structure: Mounting on membrane roofs is done with additional ballast. Tin roofs require the appropriate clamps.


Carport sistemleri


Based on many years of experience with our successful mounting systems for ground mounted solar plants, PUK Solar can now offer systems for parking place roofing.

This extremely cost-efficient solution consisting of two vertical supports, additionally reinforced by a diagonal bar, combines the assembly advantages of our double-support-structure with the requirements of modern parking place roofing in a very simple manner.

The substructure with the attached PV modules accommodates the protection of vehicles and persons to the protection from solar radiation, rain, snow and other climatic conditions.

At the same time our systems allow for comfortable space for entering and exiting as well for loading and unloading the vehicle.


Thanks to its optimized design, the further developed single-support-system of our parking place roofing offers fields of application for more presentable areas with high requirements. The freedom of movement for entering and exiting the vehicle has been considerably increased, so that the system is fit to meet high demands in this respect as well.

The distance between two supports can be increased individually to three parking spaces maximum.

Both types of systems provide for additional fastening elements for electric charging stations. The mounting allows for a flexible and type-independent module assembly on both models. Of course, our systems are can also be used as a mere weather protection without mounting options for PV-modules. The project-specific fabrication of the profiles requires a minimum project size of at least 60 parking spaces. Therefore please understand that we cannot offer roofing for individual vehicles (carports).

All our energy. For your project.

Since 2009 PUK Solar GmbH & Co. KG has been well positioned on the international market as a provider of substructures for photovoltaic systems.As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PUK group, which has 75 years of experience in the production, delivery and installation of cable tray and underfloor systems, we develop robust installation solutions for roof and ground mounted systems and carports.

Expertise and know-how

Endowed with lengthy project management experience and specialised in large-scale projects geared towards the future market for photovoltaic systems, PUK Solar GmbH & Co. KG today serves as a technical competence centre for the globally active corporate group.

A one-stop shop

Our portfolio of services ranges from consultation and planning through production and logistics to the standardised foundation, set up and installation of the system modules.

At the international level PUK Solar GmbH & Co. KG has delivered and installed projects in Germany and Turkey as well as northern and eastern Europe with a total output of over 400 megawatts. All components are manufactured at our own facility.

PUK-Solar GmbH & Co. KG is a member of the German Federal Solar Energy Association