Our Quality and Environmental Policies


Our Quality Policies


By increasing our loyal customer potential, we will continue our leadership in the sector and improve our share in foreign markets,

To provide our customers with products that are in line with national and international standards, to provide necessary support before and after sales,

By following the production technologies related to Positioning, constantly updating and improving these technologies, increasing our production efficiency and capacity,

By doing our job correctly at the first time, to realize customer demands timely and error free,
To implement an effective quality management system for continuous improvement, to educate our employees and to increase workplace satisfaction by creating a peaceful working environment,

To be sensitive about worker health and work safety and environment, to fulfill necessary legal regulations,

Our Company’s Quality Policies


Health, Safety and Environment Policy

As Tekom-Puk; We believe that environmental pollution and resource consumption should be minimized for a sustainable and healthy future and we regard our environment and OSH risks arising from our activities as our primary goal to reduce the most.

Our OHS & Environment Policy covers all of our activities and products;

We will continuously strive to meet the requirements of national legislation on Environment and Occupational Health and Safety by bringing our Resource consumption and waste generation to the minimum possible level,
We will perform the recycling and / or disposal of our wastes in a way that will cause the least possible harm to the environment,
We will carry out research, improvement and practices that will prevent or reduce the incidence of environmental and occupational risks that may arise during our activities or in emergencies,
We will continue to train all employees to increase their knowledge of the risks, precautions and environmental awareness they have,
We will cooperate with our stakeholders in all our activities related to Environment and Occupational Health and Safety and will inform our stakeholders regularly about our activities,
We are committed.