About Tekom-PUK

We are leaders, we are unchanged and we manage change;

We have a creative experience since 1977 in the “cable carrier systems” sector, which is aware of its responsibilities towards geography and the Earth, is sensitive to environmental issues, and aims to make a difference in total quality with its stakeholders.

We aim to offer our customers the best in terms of both engineering and quality around the world. With our products with high quality and rich designs, we are proceeding with sure steps in Turkey and the world market.

We are a family;

We will never miss a cup of hot tea to serve our guests. We are a flexible and guru-faced team who always has the imagination of designs, innovative ideas and always manages the sector. We see our customers, suppliers and business partners as integral parts of our family. All stakeholders are treated with the sense of responsibility we feel towards my family.

We are different;

Our quality, our dream, our imagination!

Our values;

Human, Nature, Culture!

We must work together because;

We make your projects worthy and achieve success,
We respond to all your needs with our technical and expert teams,
In addition to our existing solutions, we support them with alternative solutions,
During the design phase and the sahada gives practical technical support consultancy,
Quality understanding is constantly and rapidly renewing / developing,
We are fully satisfied with zero risk, fast delivery, payment convenience.
You ask, we are passive. We are wherever the cable carrier is!